Buenas Noticias! New ADA Website Available in Spanish

The American Dental Association (ADA) conducted a satellite media tour on June 28, 2012 as part of the kickoff of their new website, MouthHealthy.org.  The new site, which became available to the public on June 25, is dedicated to providing credible oral health information and has several features, including ADA Find-a-Dentist, videos for all ages, and a plethora of information on prevention, care, and dental treatments.  The website launch came on the heels of an ADA survey that indicated that most Americans are lacking much of the basic knowledge necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene.  To read more about the survey, please see my earlier post, Poor Oral Health Knowledge Leads to New ADA Website.

The goal of the satellite media tour was to raise awareness of the valuable information available on the new site.  ADA Consumer Advisor, Dr. Maria Lopez Howell, was on hand to answer questions about a variety of topics, including frequency of brushing and flossing, fluoride use, first dental visits, bad breath, and the importance of nutrition.  The media tour was broadcast by several media outlets, with about half of the interviews performed coming from Spanish-speaking outlets, such as Univision New York.  Dr. Howell encouraged everyone to check out the website, including the many Americans who speak Spanish as their first language.  With a simple click of a button, the entire website is available in Spanish translation, allowing access to this critical information in the largest initiative the ADA has ever taken.  Think you have a good grasp on oral health? Find out, by taking the “Brush Up on Your Dental IQ” quiz on the site.  You may be shocked at what you don’t know, but don’t fret.  All the information you’ll need to perfect your score and your oral health is available at your fingertips.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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