Better Oral Cancer Screening Saves Lives

If caught early, oral cancer has a high cure rate so it’s important to talk to your Miami dentist about screening.  The Miami Dental Sedation Spa uses the leading oral cancer screening system, Vizilite, which was developed to help oral health care professionals catch and evaluate abnormal lesions in the mouth.  Suspicious marks that could be cancerous or precancerous can be marked and monitored for further review.

According to the Vizilite website, this patented and proven technology has been around for over a decade helping dentists.  They claim to have no false negative outcomes which can limit the number of biopsies that may have otherwise been performed.  The process is quick and easy-to-use and it can be incorporated seamlessly into the visual oral cancer screening process.  The small device makes it easier to see all areas of the mouth for better detection.

Oral cancer can be a devastating disease if it goes undetected.  As with any cancer, early detection is key so it’s crucial patients visit their dentist regularly for screenings.  People who use tobacco, abuse alcohol, or have been exposed to HPV are at a higher risk of oral cancer so screening is so important.  Report any concerning lesions in your mouth to your dentist as soon as possible so they can rule out cancer and get you treated as soon as possible.

Written by Mark Paulsort

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