Avoid Putting Off Dental Treatment

The economic climate currently has many consumers worried about finances and rightfully so.  It’s important to save money where you can and eliminate unnecessary costs.  One cost that is being cut, but should not, is getting important dental procedures completed as soon as possible.

According to the article “Deferring Dental Treatment Unwise, Warns BDA” from MedicareNewsToday.com, 59% of dentists questioned have seen patients cancel appointments and 68% reported postponing dental treatments until a later date.  Perhaps as a result, more than 1/3 of practitioners have seen an increase in emergency dental treatment during the past year.

Financial anxieties are common during economic downturns, but long term healthcare should not be sacrificed.  Dr. Susie Sanderson, Chair of the BDA’s Executive Board believes short term money savings is not worth long term health problems.  Neglecting oral health can complicate problems and possibly increase the costs of future treatment.  You may end up spending more money if you delay treatment your sedation dentist has recommended.  She also recommends visiting a dentist on a regular basis to ensure proper oral health is achieved.  Financial stress will hopefully only last a short time, whereas oral health will last a lifetime.