Most US Children Experience Tooth Decay

We’ve been discussing the importance of xylitol in keeping our mouths free of decay.  It’s a type of sugar that does not contribute to the bacteria causing problems in our mouth.  Some dentists are even suggesting it be used on children to help keep their mouths in better shape.  Apparently, American children need some help in this area. Dental caries … Read More

The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health

In a previous blog we discussed the sugar, xylitol, and how it impacts our oral health.  You may be wondering why this tool for oral hygiene is not well-known and why it’s not pushed by all dentists.  The answer is education and there is a group out there working towards this goal. Many sedation dentists are very busy helping patients recover … Read More

How Does Xylitol Work?

The previous post discussed some of the benefits of the natural sweetener, Xylitol.  Many find it fascinating, that something sweet can actually be good for your teeth and it left many people wondering, how does it work exactly, and will it really improve your oral health?  The article “Xylitol: Sweet for Your Teeth” found on discusses in detail exactly … Read More