Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

In an effort to better understand trends in cosmetic dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has completed several surveys over the years, asking their members to participate in an online questionnaire. The latest study was completed between October 17 and November 18, 2013. 659 dentists from around the country answered questions about their practice, the community where they … Read More

Heading Back to School? Stop at the Dentist First

With the month of August quickly approaching, many families are beginning to think about back to school season.  Shopping for school supplies, fall fashions, and even dormitory furnishings are just a few examples of how parents and college students spend the last few weeks of summer.  While busy running around from Target to Macy’s, most forget to add “go to … Read More

Whitening Sensitivity: A Thing of the Past?

***UPDATED:  February 14, 2013*** Not sure what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day this year? Why not go with something that will make her feel more beautiful and confident? Or maybe you don’t have a special someone to share your love with on this special day.  Did you know that a bright, white smile is the first trait people … Read More

The Teeth Whitening Diet

***UPDATED: June 26, 2014*** A recent Dentistry Today article confirms what some already know: there are several foods and drinks that affect your oral health, but another has been added to the list. Green tea has long time been acknowledged due to its tannins and polyphenols that have the ability to stop plaque and bacteria from sticking to the surface … Read More

Are Whitening Toothpastes For You?

Pretty much every brand of toothpaste now carries a whitening line to keep up with the competitive business of teeth whitening.  You may have asked yourself if whitening toothpastes really work and if so how long will it take to see results?  The answer is that the impact will vary from person to person and for severe discoloration it’s probably … Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Actually Boost Your Confidence

Many people question whether or not they should receive cosmetic dentistry work to improve the overall look of their smile.  Many factors come into consideration such as fiance, need and anxiety level.  If you are on the fence, take this information into consideration:  Cosmetic dentists can actually boost your confidence by improving your look and giving you an improved smile. … Read More

Cosmetic Dentists: Teeth Whitening Info

It’s very likely your Miami dentist offers a teeth whitening service, but there are few facts you should know before you go down this road.  This can be a great option for people who struggle with discolored teeth, but be sure to get educated before you jump right in. Many factors play into whether or not our teeth will become … Read More

Teeth Whitening Leads in Cosmetic Procedures

According to the article “Tooth Whitening Leads in Cosmetic Dentistry” by Matthew Shulman on, tooth whitening is the most popular procedure completed by cosmetic dentists in the United States.  Years of coffee, red wine, tea, and pop can cause an unattractive yellowish, and sometimes brownish tint that so many want to eliminate.  The gloss of the white enamel fades … Read More