Study Links Denture Use and Malnutrition

A new study out of King’s College London has found that losing teeth and wearing dentures can increase the risk of malnutrition, according to a recent Medscape article. Individuals in this situation may have a reduced ability to chew properly, leading those over the age of 50 to avoid healthier foods, researchers claim. The study was published in the journal … Read More

Demi Moore’s Tooth Loss Linked to Stress

Recently, actress Demi Moore discussed her dental issues when she appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The 54-year-old lost both of her front teeth, and she blames stress for the embarrassing and scary experience, according to a recent Live Science article. When asked about it, Moore stated that she’d “love to say it was like skateboarding or something … Read More

Risk Factors for Tooth Loss

Losing your teeth does not necessarily have to be in your future, according to a recent WebMD news article. The Journal of Periodontology listed nine risk factors that can have a significant impact on whether you keep your natural teeth later in life, including: Being older than 35 Being male Not receiving professional dental care Not practicing regular dental hygiene, … Read More