Avoid the Cold and Flu: Brush Your Teeth

We have officially entered cold and flu season, and most of us are taking extra precautions in order to maintain our health.  Washing hands regularly, not sneezing or coughing into your hands, avoiding touching your face, and even getting an annual flu shot are easy steps to steer clear of getting sick in the winter months.  But there is another … Read More

Dentists on the Front Line of Health Care

***UPDATED: March 10, 2015*** Nearly 8 million Americans are currently living with diabetes unknowingly, and many more who do know they have the disease,  have poor glycemic control. While not everyone visits their dentist annually, they are more likely to do so over visiting a primary care provider, giving dentists a unique opportunity to screen and monitor for diabetes for … Read More

New Technology May Reduce Your Pain

Sedation dentistry has seen a significant increase in popularity as many patients find trips to the dentist very traumatic.  Anxiety runs high as people try to prepare themselves for the pain associated with simple procedures, like having a cavity filled.  There’s good news though for everyone who worries about their semi-annual visit to the dentist.  According to the article “Painless … Read More

Sedation Dentists Buying Back Halloween Candy

Moms and Dads across the nation are anxious to get rid of their kids’ Halloween candy.  It can sit around for months causing tooth decay and adding unnecessary calories to our kids’ diets.  There is some good news though that is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  Sedation dentists throughout the country are participating in a candy buyback program where … Read More

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the technical term for grinding of the teeth as well as severe clenching.  It’s a very common affliction affecting millions of individuals.  Most people, to some degree, grind or clench their teeth here and there, but when the grinding becomes detrimental to your oral health, your Miami dentist can find you relief and help to reverse the process. … Read More

Sedation Dentists Promoting The AirFloss

Sedation dentists across the nation struggle with getting their patients to floss regularly.  Everyone knows how important it is, but people still choose to skip it from their daily routine.  Sometimes it can hurt, cause bleeding and it’s simply a little time consuming so people are not completing the task even though it can help prevent gum disease.  This prompted … Read More

How to Avoid the Dreaded Root Canal

People generally shutter at the thought of a root canal, and rightfully so.  Without the proper sedation dentistry application, a root canal can be very painful.  The good news is that there are some things everyone can do to prevent a root canal from being part of your future.  There is no guarantee you will never need one, but proper … Read More

Check Out Dr. Sanchez!

Great TV spot with valuable information featuring our own Miami sedation dentist, Dr. Sanchez – check it out! http://msnlatino.telemundo.com/mujer_de_hoy/Entre_Tu_y_Yo/video_player?uuid=65031a2b-8733-4f43-a8dd-44245f4f119c

Tooth Pain Caused by Sinusitis

Many things can cause a toothache from cavities, molars, exposed roots and even a sinus infection.  People don’t generally think of a sinus infection contributing to tooth pain, but it can be the cause of your pain.  Maxillary sinuses are located just above your teeth and when there is inflammation in this region it can spread to your mouth. All … Read More

Dentist Visit Should Be Part of Prenatal Care

Most women recognize that they should be receiving prenatal care from their doctor when they learn they are pregnant.  But not everyone realizes they should be visiting their dentist as well to ensure there are no problems once a woman learns she is pregnant.  Infection, especially infections in the mouth, can have negative effects on our body as well as … Read More