Gender Roles in Dental Phobia

In an effort to better understand dental phobia, research comparing gender and emotional reaction to dental treatments has recently been published in the European Journal of Oral Sciences.  While there isn’t a huge gap between the number of men who are afraid of the dentist and their female counterparts, the study showed that women are much more likely to be … Read More

The Dawn of Dentistry

***UPDATED: June 16, 2015*** Researchers from the universities of Ferrara and Bologna believe that they have discovered evidence of fundamental dental procedures dating back to 14,000 years ago. The scientists discovered what they believe to be an infected tooth that had been treated in the skull of a 25-year-old hunter-gatherer, that was discovered in a shallow pit in a rock … Read More

Exercise and Oral Health

As the New Year quickly approaches, many are already gearing up for the most common resolution, finally taking care of that waistline.  But did you know that an exercise routine could do more than just shed a few unwanted pounds? According to an article published in the Journal of Periodontology earlier this year, people who have high levels of fitness … Read More

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the technical term for grinding of the teeth as well as severe clenching.  It’s a very common affliction affecting millions of individuals.  Most people, to some degree, grind or clench their teeth here and there, but when the grinding becomes detrimental to your oral health, your Miami dentist can find you relief and help to reverse the process. … Read More

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

The month of October is recognized as National Dental Hygiene Month and there is no better time to reevaluate your oral health.  So many of us put off our oral health because of time, money, fear or convenience and it’s important to understand the consequences of putting off regular dental checkups and follow up appointments. So many individuals believe that … Read More

Sedation Dentists Promoting The AirFloss

Sedation dentists across the nation struggle with getting their patients to floss regularly.  Everyone knows how important it is, but people still choose to skip it from their daily routine.  Sometimes it can hurt, cause bleeding and it’s simply a little time consuming so people are not completing the task even though it can help prevent gum disease.  This prompted … Read More

Tooth Pain Caused by Sinusitis

Many things can cause a toothache from cavities, molars, exposed roots and even a sinus infection.  People don’t generally think of a sinus infection contributing to tooth pain, but it can be the cause of your pain.  Maxillary sinuses are located just above your teeth and when there is inflammation in this region it can spread to your mouth. All … Read More

New Standard of Oral Health Prevention

The Miami sedation dentistry world is continuously working hard to discover new and better ways to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.  Many Miami dentists are now recommending a new line of self-testing that can help any patient maintain a healthier smile.  This is incorporated with five parts of a new standard of prevention which will take oral health to … Read More

Are Whitening Toothpastes For You?

Pretty much every brand of toothpaste now carries a whitening line to keep up with the competitive business of teeth whitening.  You may have asked yourself if whitening toothpastes really work and if so how long will it take to see results?  The answer is that the impact will vary from person to person and for severe discoloration it’s probably … Read More

Top Seven Worst Foods for Your Mouth

Very interesting article on Yahoo! Shine today: “7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth” by The Editors at RealAge.  We all know how bad table sugar is for our teeth and how it contributes directly to tooth decay, but there are some items on the list that may surprise you.  Here’s the top seven: Soft drinks Sports drinks Sour coated candy … Read More