Oral Cancer: Are You at Risk?

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and the most effective way to raise awareness is through education. According to a recent article from MouthHealthy.org, approximately 49,750 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017. While regular visits to your dentist can help with early detection, being aware of some of the top risk factors and reducing harmful habits can … Read More

Better Oral Cancer Screening Saves Lives

If caught early, oral cancer has a high cure rate so it’s important to talk to your Miami dentist about screening.  The Miami Dental Sedation Spa uses the leading oral cancer screening system, Vizilite, which was developed to help oral health care professionals catch and evaluate abnormal lesions in the mouth.  Suspicious marks that could be cancerous or precancerous can … Read More

Cancer Screening At the Dentist

Many dentists offer an important cancer screening which enables the dentist to catch oral cancers early and treat them quickly.  This process called ViziLite Plus, is a oral lesion identification system which is like the PAP smear for cervical cancer or the Mammogram for breast cancer. According to the ViziLite Plus website, one American dies every hour from oral cancer … Read More