Dental Drill Evokes Fear In Many

Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety for a number of reasons.  Whether it’s the anxiety caused by potential pain that triggers an attack or the fear of a devastating diagnosis, dental phobia is very real and keeps many from visiting their dentist consistently.  In an effort to better understand dental fear, a team of Japanese researchers conducted a study … Read More

Overcome Your Fear at Miami Dental Sedation Spa

It is completely normal and natural to feel apprehension or anxiety when preparing to receive dental treatment.  Most people experience some degree of these emotions, but for some, they can be extremely intense and even debilitating.  Whether caused by unpleasant previous experiences or fear about the procedure itself, anxiety and alarm keep some individuals from regularly visiting their dentist, often … Read More

New Standard of Oral Health Prevention

The Miami sedation dentistry world is continuously working hard to discover new and better ways to ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth.  Many Miami dentists are now recommending a new line of self-testing that can help any patient maintain a healthier smile.  This is incorporated with five parts of a new standard of prevention which will take oral health to … Read More

What is Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

If you meet with your Miami sedation dentist, you might hear him talk about conscious sedation dentistry.  But what is the difference between conscious sedation and sedation dentistry?  Basically, with conscious sedation, the patient is awake and verbally responsive but in a very relaxed state. The type of anesthesia used for conscious sedation is also sometimes used for brain surgeries … Read More

Miami Dentists Support the ADA Seal

You are probably familiar with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal on many products for your teeth and mouth but do you know exactly what this means.  We know it’s a good thing.  Miami dentists and consumers have long recognized the ADA Seal of Acceptance as a strong endorsement for any product that carries this label.  For over 125 years, … Read More

Miami Sedation Dentistry to Ease Anxiety

Dental phobia and anxiety is a real condition that affects millions.  The American Association of Endodontists reports that about 80% of Americans experience some degree of anxiety about going to the dentist.  About half of these people actually avoid the dentist because of these feelings.  About 5-10% of these people are considered dental phobics because they are so terrified of … Read More

Dental Fear More Common in Women

Many dental patients share the common bond of feeling extreme anxiety when going to the dentist.  It’s important for these individuals to know they are not alone, and women are more likely to have this fear.  According to the article “New Study of Extreme Dental Anxiety” by Dental Health Magazine found on, research shows 10% of men questioned were … Read More

Treat Your Dental Problems Sooner Than Later

If you suspect that you are experiencing dental problems through discomfort or something just doesn’t look right, the sooner you see seek Miami sedation dentistry the better off you are.  Today’s sedation dentist is much more efficient at correcting dental problems quickly and permanently. Treatment options are readily available for everything from realigning your jaw or simply getting a quality teeth … Read More

Miami Sedation Dentist Around the Corner

At Miami Dental Sedation Spa you can find an experienced Miami sedation dentist to take care of your cosmetic dentistry needs.  They pride themselves on offering a personal and professional experience for all patients while performing top quality procedures with outstanding results. The patient examination room is truly impressive with a calming and comfortable atmosphere.  Your dentist will work with … Read More

Finance Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure

Miami Dental Sedation Spa truly cares about their patients’ overall experience and this includes the financial side of Miami sedation dentistry.  Many consumers desire the outstanding results from cosmetic dentistry but shy away from learning more because of the perceived cost to afford such a procedure.  You will be please to know, not only can cosmetic dentistry be affordable but … Read More