Time for a Checkup!

Summer is the perfect time to get caught up at the dentist.  Whether you’re overdue for a checkup, a cleaning or just want to whiten your smile for the summer, now is the time. Make appointments now for the whole family and get back to enjoying your summer!  The kids will be heading back to school before you know it… … Read More

Oral Health Month Brings Awareness to U.S. Hispanic Community

Last week, the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) joined forces with Colgate-Palmolive once again for their annual Oral Health Month campaign. Kick-off events took place on June 2, with a special launch event at Los Angeles’s Plaza Mexico. In addition to live music and giveaways, participants had access to the Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures® mobile dental van, which provided bilingual … Read More

Transform Your Life with Cosmetic Dentistry

A simple smile can have a pretty powerful effect. Did you know that by forcing yourself to smile, you can actually boost your mood? Speaking of boosting, a smile can also boost your immune system, improving your physical health. They’re very contagious, meaning you can help other people smile, improving their mental state and physical health as well. Additionally, smiles … Read More

Thank You, From Miami Dental Sedation Spa!

Last Friday, the office of Miami Dental Sedation Spa was transformed into a radio studio with special guests from AMOR 107.5 FM. The event kicked off at 6:00 am when host, Javier Romero took to the air for a live broadcast, right from our office! He was soon joined by co-hosts, Osvaldo and Paula, and the festivities really kicked up … Read More

Exciting Announcements from Miami Dental Sedation Spa

Join us for a LIVE AMOR 107.5 FM broadcast from our office this Friday! Please join us for a live broadcast from our office on Friday October 10th from 6 am to 10 am. Enjoy a great morning of music, fun, prizes and oral health education. Meet the Miami Dental Sedation Spa staff and the Amor 107.5 FM team including Javier … Read More

Improve Oral Health Outcomes with Better Communication

How would you describe your relationship with your dentist? Do you think he/she is approachable? Easy to talk to? Friendly? Unfortunately, many dentists have a reputation that is less than stellar, simply because of their profession.  Whether caused from personal experience or societal stereotypes, many individuals believe that their dentist isn’t very friendly.  Ironically, it has recently been shown that … Read More

The Teeth Whitening Debate

***UPDATED: February 27, 2015*** Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that the North Carolina regulatory board violated federal law against unfair competition when it attempted to keep lower-cost competitors in other fields from offering teeth-whitening services. According to an ABC News story, Justice Anthony Kennedy stated that he believes that the Federal Trade Commission was right to conclude that … Read More

The Truth About Teeth Whitening

The 2013 meeting of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) was held recently in Seattle, Washington, bringing thousands of professionals together to represent and communicate recent oral health research findings.   Among the many topics discussed was that of the ever-so-popular teeth whitening process.  More specifically, two different studies of the efficacy of such products were presented.   According to a … Read More

Bad Oral Health? Blame the Economy

***UPDATED: July 31, 2013*** Further statistical analysis has been completed to find out more on the connection between socio-economic status and receiving dental care.  The latest survey found that 56% of participants sought no preventative care and nearly 20% admitted that they have not been to the dentist in over a decade.  Researchers estimate that nearly 70% of uninsured Americans … Read More

Simple Steps to a New You

Do you have a smile that you’re not quick to show-off? Maybe you have a cracked or chipped tooth or two.  Or perhaps there are gaps in your front teeth or pits or grooves in the enamel.  There are a number of scenarios that cause people with perfectly healthy teeth to feel ashamed of their smile.  Fortunately, the demand for … Read More