October is National Dental Hygiene Month

The month of October is recognized as National Dental Hygiene Month and there is no better time to reevaluate your oral health.  So many of us put off our oral health because of time, money, fear or convenience and it’s important to understand the consequences of putting off regular dental checkups and follow up appointments. So many individuals believe that … Read More

Sedation Dentists Promoting The AirFloss

Sedation dentists across the nation struggle with getting their patients to floss regularly.  Everyone knows how important it is, but people still choose to skip it from their daily routine.  Sometimes it can hurt, cause bleeding and it’s simply a little time consuming so people are not completing the task even though it can help prevent gum disease.  This prompted … Read More

Dentist Visit Should Be Part of Prenatal Care

Most women recognize that they should be receiving prenatal care from their doctor when they learn they are pregnant.  But not everyone realizes they should be visiting their dentist as well to ensure there are no problems once a woman learns she is pregnant.  Infection, especially infections in the mouth, can have negative effects on our body as well as … Read More

Most US Children Experience Tooth Decay

We’ve been discussing the importance of xylitol in keeping our mouths free of decay.  It’s a type of sugar that does not contribute to the bacteria causing problems in our mouth.  Some dentists are even suggesting it be used on children to help keep their mouths in better shape.  Apparently, American children need some help in this area. Dental caries … Read More

Visit Your Miami Dentist to Smile More For Your Health

Just another reason to get to your Miami dentist as soon as possible:  keep your smile as healthy as possible so you will be encouraged to smile more.  Why would we want to smile MORE?  It’s surprisingly good for your health.  Who knew? A fascinating article on About.com written by Dr. Mark Stibich, PhD lists eight reasons why smiling is … Read More

Cavity Bacteria Can Invade Your Heart

We’ve been hearing more and more about the link between oral health and heart health.  We’ve always known that taking care of our mouths helped us with overall well-being, but now there is a direct correlation between taking care of our mouth and taking care of our heart.  Cavity causing bacteria has been found in the body and can wreak … Read More

Dentists Say Brush Your Teeth With Sugar!

More and more dentists are encouraging brushing your teeth with sugar.  How can this be?  The type of sugar they want you to brush with is very specific.  It’s called Xylitol and it’s a naturally occurring alcohol sugar readily available to consumers throughout the nation.  One of the more common places it is used is in chewing gums such as … Read More

Miami Dentists & ADA Raising Funds to Assist Japan

Hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted by the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last month.  The American Dental Association is working hard to provide some relief and raise funds for the Japan Dental Association in order to help them recover dental services in damaged areas. The funds collected by the ADA are being … Read More