Dental Lasers: The Future is Now

When lasers were invented in the 1960s, innovators around the world began dreaming up different ways they could use the technology to improve our way of life. Now, almost six decades later, scientists could be on the cusp of transforming the dental industry as we know it, according to a recent article from Medical Xpress. Not only can today’s lasers … Read More

Linked: Gum Disease and Cancer

The connection between gum disease and cancer has recently been strengthened in a study published in the August issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. According to an article from Harvard Health Publishing, the study found that women with gum disease have a higher risk for cancers of the breast, lung, and esophagus as well as the most dangerous form … Read More

Water Fluoridation Guidelines Revised

Fluoride has been used in public water sources for decades in an attempt to improve the oral health of Americans, but in recent years has been surrounded by controversy. Arguments that the added mineral contributes to the development of autism, or that ingestion of too much fluoride can lower the IQ of children, have continually been debunked, however the Department … Read More

Top Seven Worst Foods for Your Mouth

Very interesting article on Yahoo! Shine today: “7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth” by The Editors at RealAge.  We all know how bad table sugar is for our teeth and how it contributes directly to tooth decay, but there are some items on the list that may surprise you.  Here’s the top seven: Soft drinks Sports drinks Sour coated candy … Read More

Miami Dentists Support the ADA Seal

You are probably familiar with the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal on many products for your teeth and mouth but do you know exactly what this means.  We know it’s a good thing.  Miami dentists and consumers have long recognized the ADA Seal of Acceptance as a strong endorsement for any product that carries this label.  For over 125 years, … Read More