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Startling new statistics have confirmed what cosmetic dentists around the world already knew: many people are unhappy with their smiles.  According to a recent article from Dentistry Today, more than a quarter of participants claimed that they didn’t like to smile because they felt their teeth were unattractive. Additionally, 81% of people stated that they believe their teeth look less than attractive in pictures. We know that smiling in itself does some serious good for our minds, bodies, and spirits, so it’s particularly saddening to know that many people aren’t benefiting from all the perks that a simple smile can offer.

There were 2,000 participants in the study that was conducted by an international healthcare group, Bupa. Of those surveyed, 42% stated that if they could change anything about themselves, they would improve their smile first. More than 33% said they were actually embarrassed of their smile. Imagine that! It must be so difficult to feel uncomfortable when your body displays the basic feelings of happiness. In addition, about half of participants said they felt pressure to have a perfect smile. While this is not entirely shocking, what was is surprising is how many people didn’t realize that basic oral hygiene can help in achieving a better smile.

According to the data, about half of those who said they were embarrassed about their smile also said they didn’t know how to brush their teeth correctly. 29% of participants also said that didn’t always use toothpaste when brushing and approximately two thirds said they never flossed. Additionally, about 20% claimed they actually chew gum instead of brushing sometimes. So despite the pressure to look their best, many of the problems with dental aesthetics could be stemming from decay or gum disease due to poor oral hygiene.

Whether through proper daily dental care, or any of the many cosmetic dental procedures available, there are a plethora of options to help improve your smile. Did you know that by smiling, you can physically make yourself feel happier? People also identify others as being more attractive when they are smiling. Studies also show that people who smile more are more successful in their careers. Smiling is kind-of a big deal, and you don’t have to ashamed of yours. Contact us today and come by our office for a consultation. We can help you achieve the smile that you deserve.

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