Sedation Dentists Support Oral Health

Oral health is important for so many reasons, but one of the most important aspects of a healthy mouth is what it says about the rest of your body.  Your sedation dentist will be able to tell a lot about your overall health just by examining your teeth closely.  The article “Why Oral Health Leads to Overall Health” by Glenn D. Braunstein, MD found on The Huffington Post website, discusses some of the main characteristics dentists are looking at in your mouth.

Healthy teeth can tell us that the heart is probably in good shape, and conversely, if someone has a large build up of plaque consistently, they may have similar buildup internally which can contribute to heart disease.  Bacteria that enters the blood stream from the mouth can be dangerous, especially for those with underlying heart conditions.  Keeping the mouth free from as much bacteria as possible can make a difference in your heart health over time.

Teeth can be a window into someone’s diet and bad habits.  Continuous cavities can be an indication that the individual is ingesting too much sugar.  Stained teeth can mean one is or was a smoker and there is even a type of gum rotting that can indicate drug usage.  If your teeth are weak and crumbling you could be suffering from severe heartburn where the acid is actually entering your mouth.  Another important part of the mouth that can tell a lot is the tongue.  The tongue can show dehydration, infection, osteoporosis, and other serious ailments.

These are just a few examples of why visiting your Miami sedation dentist is so very important.  Do not let fear of discomfort or judgement stand in your way.  Sedation dentistry is a great way to take the nerves out of going to the dentist so you can get your overall health taken care of.  It’s a very important step towards well-being.

By Mark Paulsort

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