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It’s hard to believe that it’s already June, and summer is right around the corner! Calendars are filling up with vacations, graduation parties, BBQs and a slew of other fun events. But before it fills up completely, we’d like to remind you to schedule important dental appointments for your kids now. Weekdays are free and college students are home on break, making this a great time for kids to see their dentist.

It’s incredible how quickly the summer months fly by. Just last summer, one of Dr. Sanchez’s students waited too long to make an appointment to have his wisdom teeth extracted. Unfortunately, he was unable to get in before heading back to college. He actually just called the office today to make an emergency appointment because he’s experiencing discomfort due to infection. The pain he’s feeling now could have been avoided if he would have scheduled sooner.

Students have such busy schedules during the school year, and before you know it, summer will be over and opportunities will be missed. Whether your college student is home for a limited time or your elementary student has time off from extra-curricular activities, now is the perfect time to make a dental appointment for your student.

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