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Are you one of the millions of people who have vowed to transform their appearance in 2014? The New Year often stirs motivation within individuals to shed those extra few pounds, get more sleep, quit smoking, exercise more, along with a slew of other changes that are meant to build self esteem by improving the outward appearance.  All of those goals are very commendable; I myself have resolved to eat a better diet and train for a half marathon in April.  But did you consider improvements to your oral health and smile aesthetics? After all, the most memorable trait a person possesses is not their waistline, but their smile.  And while it can take months to shed just a few pounds, you can transform your whole look with just a couple short trips to the dentist.

Whether you’re living with cracked or missing teeth, or if you’ve noticed that the color of your teeth is starting to resemble your morning cup of coffee, there is a cosmetic dental procedure to help.  Whitening is a very popular and cost effective way of visibly improving your smile.  There are several options available, ranging from take-home products to the result producing in-office Zoom treatment.  While over-the-counter products are available at your local pharmacy, you’ll need to repeat the process several times before experiencing results found after just one professional treatment.  If whitening isn’t enough, veneers are another popular procedure, addressing undesirable size, shape, and color all at once.  The custom made material is simply bonded to the front of the teeth, enhancing the appearance in one easy step.  For those missing teeth, or hanging onto unhealthy ones, replacement options will improve the look and function of your smile.  Dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures can give you back your pearly whites, allowing you to smile with confidence, knowing you look and feel your best.  Regardless of the issue, a wide array of procedures is available to address your unique and special wants and needs.

For those who know they’d like to improve their smile, but just aren’t sure how, Miami Dental Sedation Spa offers a unique service.  Come in and sit down with one of our specialized professionals for a Smile Analysis.  Together, we will examine the condition of your smile and discuss options for improvements, developing a treatment plan that works best for your needs.  A resolution list at New Year’s should be a work in progress, easily adjustable as you strive to become the best you possible.  If you haven’t done so already, consider exploring the many benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

For tips on how to reach your oral health goals, check out Dr. Sanchez’s article, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”

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