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All-on-X: Revolutionizing Tooth Replacement

All-On-4 Dental Implants are a revolutionary alternative to traditional dentures and other implant-supported dentures. Instead of using a complete removable denture or placing multiple implants to support every missing tooth, All-On-4 dental implants provide a full arch of teeth using four or more implant placements! These newly designed implant-supported dentures drastically improve oral health and quality of life by providing a permanent, comfortable, and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Additionally, the All-On-4 procedure requires less implants than traditional methods, making it a more cost-effective and time-efficient option.

What the process looks like

1. Personalized Consultation

Initiate your journey to dental perfection by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sanchez or Dr. Vidal. During this first encounter, our dental expert delves into your dental aspirations, addressing any queries or apprehensions you may have. It’s an opportune moment for us to acquaint ourselves with your dental background and tailor our approach to seamlessly integrate implants into your lifestyle. Diagnostics will be meticulously conducted to sculpt a bespoke treatment plan. We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of pre- and post-surgical protocols, as well as discuss sedation options tailored to your comfort.

2. Embark on the Transformation

The day of your surgical odyssey dawns with palpable excitement, and we’re committed to ensuring a serene, anxiety-free experience. Prior to the surgery, meticulous preparations are made by our team, crafting titanium posts and bespoke 3D-printed components like your prosthesis and ancillary elements. Your surgery, tailored to your unique needs, may span up to four hours, contingent upon the intricacies of your treatment plan. With surgical precision, implants are deftly nestled into your jawbone, fostering a symbiotic union with the bone tissue and bolstering the surrounding framework. These implants are then crowned with preliminary restorations, endowing you with the aesthetics, sensation, and functionality akin to natural teeth. Post-surgery, you may experience transient discomfort and swelling around the implant sites, for which our seasoned dentist will furnish comprehensive care directives.

3. Nurturing the Healing Process

At your follow-up appointment, scheduled between 10 to 14 days post-surgery, our team meticulously evaluates your progress and addresses any lingering queries pertaining to your convalescence. Sutures are delicately removed, and adjustments to your interim prosthesis are executed if necessary, ensuring an unimpeded trajectory towards optimal healing.

4. Unveiling Your Radiant Smile

Two to three months post-surgery, the moment you’ve eagerly awaited arrives: the revelation of your final prosthesis! With bated breath, your definitive restoration is unveiled, culminating your transformative dental expedition. By this juncture, your quality of life has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, courtesy of the seamless integration of implants into your daily existence.

5. Embracing Ongoing Maintenance

It’s imperative to adhere to meticulous dental maintenance at Miami Dental Sedation Spa, safeguarding the longevity of your new smile and the health of your gums. Neglecting oral care can precipitate gum maladies and peri-implantitis, necessitating additional interventions down the road.






What’s Included in the
Dental Implant Costs?

Initial Consultation

Your journey starts with a detailed consultation with one of our oral surgeons. They will examine your medical history, assess your oral health, and evaluate the bone density and gum tissue in the affected area. This will determine if the All-On-4 Dental Implant procedure is right for you.

Specialist Care

Dental implants are classified as restorative dentistry, and warrant specialized care in the domain of implantology.

Dental Sedation

Dental sedation during the implant procedure offers respite to anxious patients and invites them into a serene slumber during the implant process.


Your surgeon will place the implants strategically into the jawbone to support the prosthetic tooth arch.


To minimize discomfort and provide immediate functionality, your dentist will place a temporary set of teeth. These allow you to adjust to your new teeth and smile while your gums and bones heal, giving you the freedom to smile and eat soft foods. Osseointegration, the process where the implant fuses with your jawbone, typically takes 2-3 months. During this time, your dentist will make necessary adjustments to ensure proper healing and prepare for the placement of your permanent teeth.

Follow-Up Appointment

After 2 to 3 months, fresh scans of your mouth are taken, creating a final, robust set of teeth, meticulously tailored to you, ensuring an impeccable fit and outstanding durability.

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