The Perfect Gift For Dad This Father’s Day

Did you know that men are less likely to visit the dentist than women? And because oral health has been connected to serious, chronic health issues, like heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and cancer, it is extremely important that no one neglects their dental care. With Father’s Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to give the special dad in your life the lifesaving gift of oral health.

Regular dental checkups are vital to the health of everyone, but they’re especially important for men. According to a recent article from MouthHealthy.org, men are twice more likely to get oral cancer than women. Approximately 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year, and over 9,500 will lose their battle in that same time frame. In fact, of those diagnosed, about half will still be alive in 5 years, due to the late stage in which it’s typically discovered. Oral cancers are not difficult to diagnose and can be treated very effectively, IF it is discovered in time. Because the disease often doesn’t display symptoms in the early stages, it often goes unnoticed by the patient. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by visiting your dentist for regular checkups.

Many dental offices, including Miami Dental Sedation Spa, now include an oral cancer screening as part of your annual exam. After your standard visual oral cancer examination, at MDSS you’ll also receive the Oral ID exam to help detect suspicious areas that lie underneath the surface of the tissues. It is very safe, simple and completely painless. The exam uses the latest fluorescence technology in conjunction with a special lens used by the clinician to enhance visual perception and find any abnormalities at an early stage. When found early, oral cancer patients have an 80-90% survival rate.

This Sunday, June 19, instead of going with the standard tie or BBQ gift set, give dad the gift of health. Ask him when the last time he visited the dentist was, or better yet, schedule him an appointment for his annual exam. For more information about oral cancer, including risk factors and symptoms, visit www.oralcancerfoundation.org.

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