New Toothpaste Helps Eliminate Plaque

***UPDATED: October 27, 2016*** Another randomized trial of Plaque HD®, a novel plaque identifying toothpaste, confirmed the effectiveness of the product.  Participants of this study were given the same brushing protocol and a 60-day supply of either  Plaque HD® or a placebo. Results were measured using a fluorescein mouth rinse and intraoral photographs under black light imaging to assess dental plaque. Additionally, inflammation throughout the body was measured using high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), which is also a marker for future heart attacks and strokes. According to a recent article from Science Daily, the results confirm former studies that show by using Plaque HD®, individuals were able to reduce the amount of plaque buildup in their mouth. But the study established a new benefit as well: a decrease in inflammation throughout the body. Based on these findings, the research team is working on a grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to determine if the toothpaste helps reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes.

A recent study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry found that a new toothpaste helped users to remove up to four times more plaque than the standard variety. Plaque, or microbial biofilms, is a significant contributor to the development of tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. Once it’s adhered to your teeth, only a dental professional can remove it, therefore preventing plaque buildup with daily brushing and flossing is highly recommended. The new toothpaste, Plaque HD, contains teal discoloring agents that identify plaque buildup on teeth, helping users to more effectively brush.

35 healthy patients aged 18-64 participated in the study, according to a recent article from The Dental Tribune. The subjects, who visited the campus twice over the course of seven to ten days,  were divided into two groups: a group who brushed their teeth with a control toothpaste only, and a second group who brushed with the control toothpaste at one visit and the Plaque HD toothpaste at the second visit. After brushing, all participants rinsed with a fluorescein solution which helped identify any plaque that was left behind. Teeth were then photographed and digitally quantified to calculate the percentage of remaining plaque. The data collected revealed that the second group, the one using Plaque HD, had significantly reduced plaque levels, approximately 50% more than their first visit, compared to only about 8% in the first group.

“This study demonstrates that brushing with a toothpaste with plaque-indicating dye, combined with proper use instructions, significantly increases plaque removal efficacy,” the researchers concluded.

Plaque HD incorporates Targetol Technology, according to the manufacturer, which uses all-natural, plant-based disclosing agents that colors any plaque. Plaque HD is currently available through dental and orthodontic offices across the country, as well as on Amazon. The professional grade is sold for $21.00 while the retail version is $14.95. While more effective toothbrushing is certainly a positive, using oral care products can never take the place of visiting your dentist regularly. Be sure to make an appointment every six months for professional cleanings and exams.

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