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***UPDATED: July 31, 2014*** A new smile survey found that a significant portion of the participants are dissatisfied with their smiles and believe that their self-confidence would improve if they were corrected. The study also found that shockingly, many  were not aware that it is never too late to repair their teeth, according to a recent Dental Tribune article. The research was commissioned by the British Dental Health Foundation and Align Technology.  The majority of those surveyed (nearly 70%) admitted to never smiling in photographs because they thought it made them look unattractive and 45% claimed to have very low confidence. Despite this, 33% didn’t realize that they could repair their teeth as adults, and  those who did, avoided it because they thought their only option was traditional metal braces, which many said would be embarrassing to wear. However, there are several cosmetic dental procedures that can improve a smile at any age, including the inconspicuous, transparent teeth aligner, Invisalign. Continue reading for additional cosmetic dental procedures that can help improve your smile and your self-confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry has seen astronomical growth in popularity over the last few years.  And while the American Dental Association doesn’t acknowledge a specialty field in such work, many dentists are performing a variety of procedures that can not only improve your oral health, but also one of your best, most prominent features: your smile.  A recent article in Dental Health Magazine, “Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments that Bring Back Your Amazing Smile,” discusses some of the most commonly performed treatments that enhance your pearly whites.

  • Gingivectomy, also known as gum contouring or reshaping, is best suited for patients with uneven gums.  By exposing more of the teeth and framing them evenly, this procedure can make your smile stand out.
  • Composite Resin restoration can be used to correct chipped teeth or to replace metal cavities, helping to conceal imperfections with its natural coloring.
  • Tooth whitening is among one of the most popular procedures, as a whiter, brighter smile, is easily attainable, and undeniably effective at improving your smile.
  • Tooth shaping is appropriate for those with misshapen teeth.  Whether pointy or just extremely long, this procedure can help even your teeth in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, with minimal pain and complications.
  • Dental veneers refer to a very thin layer of material that is placed over the surface of your teeth to cover up imperfections.  Composite and porcelain are the two types of veneers currently available.

Whether you’re unhappy with the discoloration or alignment of your teeth, or if you suffer from missing, chipped, or broken teeth, the practice of cosmetic dentistry provides a variety of procedures that can not only help aesthetically, but also structurally.  Dental implants used in the field can help support a failing jaw bone as well as provide a patient with the strength required to chew, or even speak normally again.  Missing teeth can also cause existing ones to misalign or shift, which can be repaired fully through cosmetic dentistry.  It’s really not that surprising that the area of cosmetic dentistry has found much success in recent years.  Not only can restorative work improve the look and function of your mouth, it can boost your self-confidence and esteem, a priceless side-effect.

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