Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

Did you know that your smile is the first thing that someone notices when they meet you? Don’t worry if you’re not completely happy with this important attribute though, because improving your smile can be as simple as a quick trip to your dentist. Teeth whitening is one of the most effective and economical ways of improving your overall look, and thanks to recent developments, it is completely safe and virtually pain free, making it a great option for most people.

There have been numerous studies conducted over the last ten years that have shown bleaching and other whitening methods to be both safe and effective. In clinical studies and laboratory testing, no adverse effects on teeth or gums have been found in most products on the market today. In the past, teeth sensitivity was a common side effect, especially for in-office treatments which used higher bleach concentrations. Today’s products, however, are well buffered, significantly decreasing the occurrence of any pain. Some people may still experience sensitivity, especially when consuming hot or cold foods or beverages, but symptoms should disappear within 48 hours after treatment.

If you do choose to use over-the-counter whitening products, be sure to look for one that is clinically proven, and always follow directions carefully after consulting with your dentist. If you do experience sensitivity, there are a number of steps you can take to help eliminate it. For example, if you’re using a tray applicator, wear the tray for a shorter period next time. Also, try brushing with a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. These products typically contain potassium nitrate that can help soothe tooth nerve endings. You can also ask your dentist or pharmacist for a fluoride product that can help re-mineralize your teeth. The longer you continue with the whitening process, the less sensitivity you should experience.

Here at Miami Dental Sedation Spa, we offer several teeth whitening options, ranging from at-home teeth whitening kits to the in-office Zoom procedure. Contact us today to find out which option is best for you, and discover how you can easily achieve the best smile possible.

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