For Good Oral Health, Brush, Floss and Fall in Love

Everyone knows that brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, combined with flossing and seeing your dentist regularly can help you achieve and maintain good oral health. But there are other actions you can take to help boost your oral health too, like eating a sensible diet, drinking plenty of water and being in a trusting, secure and loving relationship. Yes, you read that right. According to a recent news article, scientists at University of Queensland in Australia discovered a strong link between the health of one’s teeth and their love life.

“What we discovered was that those who try to avoid emotional intimacy, or are worried their partner would leave in times of need, were more likely to have negative oral health,” said Grace Branjerdporn, one of the researchers. “They also have higher levels of self-reliance, distrust others and avoid seeking support,” she added.

The study included a group of 265 people, with a majority in their early 30s with healthy lifestyles. According to researchers, people in love had more confidence in relation to their appearance and teeth, and rated their teeth better. When the study began, the team hypothesized that economic factors would have a big influence on people seeing the dentist.

“But with the sample we had many who had private health so they could access dentists cheaply,” Branjerdporn stated. “We found that having a love life where you trust the other person and have higher self-worth leads to better dental visiting habits.”

You learn something new everyday.

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