False Florida Dentist Arrested

According to a story from local ABC News Channel 10, a Palmetto, Florida man is facing charges after impersonating a dentist. Robert “Robbie” Rheinlander, 53, was practicing dentistry in South Carolina before he moved to Florida where he continued his deception. He was arrested last Wednesday on a charge of practicing dentistry without a license.

A Manatee County couple told authorities in September about their run-in with Rheinlander. They met him through a mutual friend. Rheinlander told them that he had a dental practice in South Carolina before relocating to the area. In an effort to save his patients money, he offered to make house calls, charging $70 to pull teeth and $50 for follow-up appointments. The couple told detectives that he extracted one of the woman’s teeth, but left a fragment behind, causing other medical issues. After feeling uneasy with the situation, the couple decided to research Rheinlander, only to find out that he was not a licensed dentist.

In another reported incident, Rheinlander extracted 10 teeth without anesthetic and made dentures for another unsuspecting patient.

Records show that Rheinlander was a licensed dental technician in South Carolina between 2004 and 2006, however during that time, he was disciplined. As of Wednesday, Rheinlander has bonded out of jail.

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