Dental Phobia and Your Oral Health

Visiting the dentist is a critical component of achieving and maintaining good oral health, which we now know is extremely important to overall health and wellness. While most dental procedures are painless, simply having an exam can cause some people to feel stress and anxiety. Most people can handle these feelings, but for those living with dental phobia, the thought of a dental visit can be absolutely terrifying. Some will even go as far as ignoring gum infections, pain or broken and unsightly teeth just to avoid it.

According to an article from the Colgate Oral Care Center, up to 15% of Americans, or about 40 million people, avoid the dentist because of anxiety or fear. There are varying degrees of dental phobia, ranging from loss of sleep the night before an appointment to panic attacks. In severe cases, some just absolutely refuse to go. People with dental phobia have a higher risk of developing gum disease and early tooth loss, which has even been linked to lower life expectancy. Discolored or damaged teeth can also lead to low self-esteem, causing a person to smile less, feel embarrassed about how their teeth look, and thus lowering their quality of life.

Without intervention, dental phobia is likely to get worse over time. Fortunately, treatment is available. In severe cases, a mental health professional may need to be involved, but for many, finding a dentist who is experienced with working with these patients can be life changing. Miami Dental Sedation Spa specializes in sedation dentistry and the comfortable treatment of fearful patients. Several sedation options are available, and all are administered by trained and licensed dentists.

For the high fear patient, IV sedation is offered. Patients with long dental appointments often opt for this type of sedation too, to help make the appointment more pleasant. Oral medication is also available to relieve light to severe anxiety in patients. This method allows the patient to reach a very relaxed state during the dental procedures. For those with mild dental phobia, nitrous oxide gas, also referred to as laughing gas, is used. This method has been safely used for over a century, and helps ease those uncomfortable nerves.

For more information about the available sedation options at Miami Dental Sedation Spa, please visit our webpage, here. You can also read more about what you can expect during a dental visit to our office, here, to help set your mind at ease before stepping foot into our office. At Miami Dental Sedation Spa we strive to provide a personal, comprehensive, professional and relaxing experience for all of our patients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the oral health you deserve.

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