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The first day of summer is right around the corner which means that wedding season is in full swing. There are several times in your life that you want to look your best, and the day that you exchange your vows is definitely one of them. According to an article from Everyday Health, smiling can increase positive behaviors, improve confidence, and make you look more youthful and attractive. Who wouldn’t want that on their big day?! And of course, there are several other occasions that you’d like to make a good impression too: a big date, an important interview, or a high school reunion. Enhancing your smile is appropriate for just about every situation, and depending on your timeline, there are many ways in which you can do so.

When time is not on your side, the biggest bang for your buck when trying to jazz up your smile is teeth whitening. You have two basic options here: schedule an appointment with your dentist for a professional job, or purchase an over-the-counter whitening product and do it yourself. If you have the ability to get into your dentist, you’ll receive a faster and more effective treatment than with the OTC stuff, but you’re going to pay for it. Professional whitening sessions can run upwards of $500 while drug-store kits are typically under $100. The concentration of whitening ingredients used by your dentist is much higher than the products you can buy yourself. Your dentist will likely use laser technology to help accelerate the process, giving you a lasting and often drastic result. This process takes about an hour, whereas the OTC kits can take weeks and you may never reach the same level of whitening.

If you can’t get into your dentist, or your budget doesn’t allow for it, over-the-counter products can be sufficient. Dr. Donna Zak, DDS from New York City recommends Crest Whitestrips or Aquafresh White Trays. Whitening toothpastes can also help, but should be used along with strips for the best results. If you’re in a real pinch for time, Dr. Zak suggests trying a new makeup routine. Wearing a shade of lipstick with a blue undertone is a good trick to make your smile look instantly brighter. Darkening your skin tone with a bronzer can also help create a greater contrast to the teeth, making them appear whiter.

Now, if you have the time and the desire, there are several cosmetic options that can take your smile to a whole new level. While whitening certainly can improve your smile, color isn’t always the only issue that needs to be addressed. Size, shape, chips, cracks, and crooked teeth are all areas that can be improved with the right procedure.  But this process should be started as early as possible to allow for the time it takes to complete. “If you are looking to do dentistry on your teeth to change them, such as crowns or veneers, I would start at least six months before the big day,” says Zak. It all depends on how much work you’d like done and how available your dentist is. To create your ideal smile, the first step should always be to consult with your dentist. Share your concerns and your goals, and together you can create a treatment plan that is suitable for your unique needs. Most will spend thousands on the perfect attire, decorations, and food at their wedding. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your best asset? And the best part: your smile stays with you long after the cake has been cut.

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