All is Fair in Love and…Dentistry?

***UPDATED: March 20, 2013*** After reading horror stories such as this one, it’s really no wonder so many are fearful of the dentist.  A recent story from the UK’s Daily Mail describes an incident where a Spanish dentist allegedly pulled out a patient’s teeth after a dispute over a dental bill.  The patient, a woman who had been receiving care from the dentist for several months, was concerned about the amount she was paying for dental implants.  Apparently, at her latest appointment, the two got into a heated discussion about the matter which turned into a nasty argument.  In the wake of the emotional outburst, the dentist supposedly ripped out several replacement teeth he had already implanted, later leading to his arrest.  The story reminded me of the one that follows below, where another dentist took advantage of her position to seek revenge on a patient.  Later, it was confirmed that the tale of the love-sick dentist was actually a hoax.  I’m just glad I’ve found a wonderful dentist whom I trust, even when under the influence of laughing gas! Phew!

Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote, “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”  These beautiful words are often spoken in the voice of heartbreak, and almost everyone believes them to be true.  One exception may be a Polish man, Marek Olszewski, who recently lost more than his girlfriend.  The world has become captivated by his story, a tale of how one ex-girlfriend took advantage of her professional position to perform a shocking act of revenge.

Olszewski was suffering from a toothache when he sought help from a once trusted professional, his ex-girlfriend who also happens to be a dentist.  He told the UK Daily Mail that he thought that Anna Mackowiak was a professional and could handle treating him despite their break-up just days earlier.  He thought wrong.  Mackowiak heavily sedated the 45 year old man and proceeded to remove every single tooth in his mouth before bandaging his jaw shut.  The disgruntled dentist has been reported as claiming that she tried to be professional, but couldn’t detach herself emotionally.  When she saw how vulnerable he was in her chair, she lost all control and acted in retaliation against losing her love to another woman.  Upon awakening she told Mackowiak that his mouth was numb from the procedure and that the bandage was in place to protect the gums.  She also informed him that he would need to see a specialist.  What he didn’t know at the time was that she was referring to a cosmetic dental specialist who would be required to replace all of his pearly whites.

Mackowiak is currently being investigated for malpractice and could face up to three years in jail.  And if losing all of his teeth wasn’t enough, Olszewski’s new girlfriend broke things off after the incident, claiming that she just can’t date anyone who doesn’t have any teeth.

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